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The Wiltshire Foundation is a charitable and philanthropic foundation whose mission, in keeping with the highest moral and ethical values and guidelines, aims to address inequities by shedding light on academic, environmental, financial, health, judicial and social barriers, through literacy. The Wiltshire Foundation is dedicated to serving any and all underrepresented, disenfranchised or marginalized populations.

Board Members

Committees / Committee Members

The Scholarship Selection Committee

  • Wenona Brice
  • Dr. Shanesia Davis, Ph.D.
  • Aneesa Hinds-Holder
  • Clarence Moe
  • Michelle Rodney, Committee Chair
  • Yvonne Smart

The Fundraising Committee

  • Sam Boudloche, Jr.
  • Dawn Fraser-Smith
  • Claire Thompson-Bruce
  • Diane Wiltshire, Committee Chair
  • Wilma Wiltshire

Board Advisors

  • Judith Benn
  • Gary Bruno
  • Vincent Cayenne
  • Susan Guiry
  • Ingrid Isaac
  • J. Errol Lewis
  • Franka Philip
  • Kevin Reid
  • Gerry Rodney
  • Damian Sogren
  • Terrance Theodore Jr.
  • Dr. Wendi S. Williams, Ph.D.

Social Media Engagement Coordinator

  • Danielle Thomas